• I agree with Caitlin on this post. I think it might of had to do with Saleem having acting as if he has amnesia. On page 419 he states after he has realized that the snake has bitten him and filled him with venom, “I was rejoined to the past, jolted into unity by snake […]

  • Throughout most of the novel, I have always been curious about the “Midnight’s Children.” I know that there aren’t Midnight’s Children that were born on the hour of independance that have super powers, but I do wonder if there are children in India that were born during this time that are called the Midnight’s Children.

  • I know this may seen a little vague, but I’m still a little confused about Padma and Saleem’s relationship. I’m not sure if they’ve lovers, or friends or at some points if they’re married? Throughout most of the novel, I get the feeling that they are friends. However, at the bottom of 309 when Saleem […]

  • The part that I find most interesting is just at the end of Book 1, when we find out that Saleem has been switched at birth. This is one of my favorite parts of the book because, as we spoke about in our first blog, the way that Padma reacts to this. She accuses him […]

  • At first I was a little confused as to what Dr. Narlikar was actually trying to do with the tetrapod (because I’m confused during most of this book), however, after reading Cait’s comment it is a little clearer to me now. I’m still a little confused because if he didn’t want his project to represent […]

  • I’m not 100% sure who I agree with yet because I feel like I need to know more of the story. However, as of right now I agree with Saleems justification because even though they were not his biological parents, they are the family who raised him. It is who he has known his whole […]

  • Honestly, it’s very frustrating for me. At first, in the beginning I was so lost with what was going on I had to look online to see what the setting was and the general idea because with most of the names looking a like and the jumping around in the different settings, I didn’t know […]

  • I think that Harper and Prior have the most interesting relationship. When I had first read the dream sequence I wasn’t really sure what was going on, but I had looked it up on YouTube and got more of an understanding on Prior’s significance in telling Harper that Joe was gay and Harper’s surprised but […]

  • The character(s) that interest me are both Joe and Harper. I’m not sure if it is their characters or their relationship that interest me more. Going from scene to scene, my idea of their “marriage” and them being “Mormons” is getting worse and worse. Mormons are supposed to stay away from alcohol, caffeine and other […]

  • I would have to be honest and say that I most identify with the speaker of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. When I am at school, work or out running errands, I am constantly imagining ‘where would I be right now if I was…’ and I always make up these crazy professions. As a […]

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    I agree with Kelly. I’m glad that Sethe was finally free from Beloved. From the beginning when Beloved started coming around, I had a feeling that something was off about Beloved. I felt that there was no way that Beloved could just come running back into Sethe and Denver’s life and everything was going to […]

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    I agree with Jamie. The entire innter monologue is confusing. There is no exact point, duringn what feels like rambling, can the reader tell who the person that is actually speaking is taking too. Is this another one of their memories? Or are they trying to give us some information as to what happened back […]

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    I think that Morrison chose to jump back and fourth inbewteen the two time periods so we as the reader would be able to relate with the characters. By Morrison switching back and fourth, we are able to understand how the characters in the story at experiencing these memories. As they experience them as they […]

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    One of the things that I am confused about is the setting of the story. It is hard for me to tell sometimes what is past and what is present. To me it seems that the author, Lori Morrison, keeps flipping back and fourth between the two. It would be easier for me if each […]

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    In the story No Name Woman, like most of the people in this blog, I trust the narrarator. It is common for parents to tell their children stories from their past to help the children not make the same mistake. In this case, the mother was telling her daughter about the aunt and what happened […]

  • I would say that Flannery O’Conners “A good man is hard to find” is a realistic story because it is an event that can happen to any person today, even though the story was written in 1955. The story is about a family who gets caught in a bad situation because of a mistake that […]

  • What I found different about Parts 2 and 3 was that they didn’t only focus on Okonkwo and the tribe of Umuofia, but on all of the villages and how they are being taken over by colonization. I thought that this was interesting because for the entire Part 1 of the book, all we heard […]

  • I don’t remember a specific passage in the story where I remember his use of English being slightly strange. However, I noticed that throughout the first part of the book, he often references back to words that are used in Nigeria, such as obi, which means hut or home in English. I thought that it […]

  • Reader-Response: After the word I will give my interpretation then after the B: is the definition from Bressler Subjective Critics: Different readers will interpret texts differently depending on their own life experiences. B: N/A Intertextuality: It is the shape of a text’s meaning by other texts. It can be the authors reference or the readers […]

  • Qudsia, I feel that you have put alot of thought and detail into the summarization of the paper. However, I feel that the analyzation aspect of the paper needs a little more time put into it. I think at this point in your paper would be a great time to sit down and do over […]

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