• I echoed your sentiment regarding “A Midsummer Nights Dream” in my blog. Studying it through the lens of dream theory was awesome as opposed to the abject bardolotry that occurs when Shakespeare’s works are studied in other classes -where the mere mention of his name sends the academics all atwitter and the discussion centers around […]

  • I’ll confess that I didn’t know it was a Senior Seminar when I registered but it all made sense once I got to know everyone, a sharp group indeed. I’d always wondered what sort of heady endeavors were going on in the Honors Hall as I walked past to another building. I’m proud to say […]

  • Blogging is absolutely so much more fluid than Blackboard in terms of actual discourse.I also half-agree about The Unconsoled which was sublime but I would have enjoyed it more with a full head of steam.

  • Even on public trans there’s a VIP section! It would seem to suggest wish-fulfillment but you have to keep moving -just like a shark and being dwarfed could suggest compensation. The presence of the baby could be metaphorical in nature.

  • Upon selecting my course schedule for the semester, I knew immediately that Dreams/391W would be the wild card in the deck. Expect the unexpected, English majors should –at least that’s my personal belief. It’s vital to take oneself out of one’s comfort zone, especially if writing is a key component of his or her life. […]

  • The process of writing my essay left me in unchartered waters, in a sense. More accustomed to gathering sources during the actual writing process, I experienced a bit of confusion as to reconciling my thesis with sources selected previously. Once the writing process commenced, it was clear that due to the expanse of my subject, […]

  • I saved my worst for last. This dream is from about ten years ago and now seems to serve as unconscious counter-weight to my many moments of opinionated bluntness. I’m on a talk show and every time the faceless host asks me a question nothing comes out, my voice is gone and replaced by a […]

  • The Unconsoled was worth its daunting size in a number of ways. It is an almost dead-pan indictment of a society that places far too much of a cultural burden upon its artists. The disassociative nature of the narration reflects the flux of an artist trying to balance pleasing an audience with paying proper attention to […]

  • I look outside and in the next door backyard, there are children crawling around a junkyard, playing amongst a mountain of discarded tires, and junked-out cars. A radio is playing loudly and its nighttime. I go outside to protest but there is nobody around. The children play and I grow anxious when I see snakes […]

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    There seems to be a healthy chance that the condensation of Whoopi Goldberg representing Alice Walker stems from their mutual famed association with the film The Color Purple. I’d also feel sheepish around a literary icon as well I must confess.

  • The line between consciousness and unconsciousness does in fact erode accordingly with that of the senses under certain conditions. Perhaps they occur during the day due to a closer relationship with the waking world being that sleep is not as conducive to sleep.

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    Indeed, there is so much to say about such an icon. Optical prominence mirrors the question of human perception. Great point about the famous melting clocks and the essence of time; if it does exist, it is still man-made and hence malleable to a certain extent.

  • The Unconsoled is a deceptively complex read, never abjectly unenjoyable but painstakingly deliberate in its pacing. Despite Ryder’s seemingly all-knowing nature, he seems at times to be the only one not in on some unknown joke, pretending to understand at times when he clearly doesn’t. To the contrary, he launches into a personal conversation with a […]

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