• I am unimpressed with the ending of this book and the whole book overall. Although, I will say, there were a few lines in there that I liked and could apply to my life. Other than that, I was expecting a whole lot more. Each book in the Twilight saga is about the same length […]

  • I would REALLY like to believe that Saleem suffered from some type of amnesia from being hit in the head. And it’s the amnesia that caused him to be so distant. Maybe, at some point, he really did have amnesia. But I think the real reason he is so distant is because he’s always had […]

  • I was wondering if Aunt Alia’s true nature ever gets revealed, but I guess I have to read the whole book to find that out. I was also wondering why they continued to live with her when Ahmed’s business was doing so well and Jamila had become a huge star. Maybe Saleem could’ve encouraged the […]

  • What confused me in this section was why Saleem chose to write the way he did. In the beginning of this reading assignment (The Kolynos Kid), he started writing in the third person. I don’t really remember him doing that before. And I was curious why, especially b/c he would jump from third person to […]

  • One part that I thought was interesting/very confusing was when Ahmed and his two business partners went to pay off the arsonists (93-94). I wasn’t sure if that was really a monkey throwing the money off of the roof of the building. After rereading it, I guess it was a group of monkeys with a […]

  • I think Lola meant that they are all screwed up and perhaps too concerned with their own goals to consider other people’s well-being. So I think in that way she would be included too. They all have issues and hurt other people in an attempt to get what they want. Everyone wants what they want […]

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    I have several thoughts on Yunior’s mission. First, it’s nice that he was trying to help Oscar. But I think he was only helping him because he was bored, sick of Oscar complaining and being so pathetic, and it’s easier to fix other people’s problems than your own. I was surprised Oscar even went along […]

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    If there was a word I didn’t know, I would just try to figure it out based on the context and its stem. That being said, I did actually look into one thing. I asked a friend about one word/phrase. It was “meteselo” on pg. 24. I know it’s in Chapter 1, but there’s a […]

  • Inspiration can come from anywhere. And it seems obvious that the author and Oscar are both comic books fanatics, more so in Oscar’s case. I thought the quote was significant because of the mention of fuku. I’m not sure how fuku will come into play throughout the book, but based on how it’s described in […]

  • I like the relationship between Harper and Prior. I feel like they have a genuine friendship even though they aren’t really friends. They seem to know and understand each other better than any of the other characters. And they seem to be more understanding as well. When they’re together, they help each other out in […]

  • I wouldn’t say that I’m interested in Hannah, Joe’s mother, but I am interested in her belief of the myth that the city is this dangerous, evil, doomed place. I imagine most suburban parents (and maybe their children too) believe this myth about all cities, but especially New York City. NYC gets this stigma that […]

  • I identify with the speaker of “Ave Maria” the most, even though I was allowed to go to the movies with my friends and without any parents. I think he’s ultimately trying to say that a child shouldn’t be too sheltered. And I think, in a way, I was. Obviously, my mother did it for […]

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    I was kind of disappointed with the ending. I expected a lot more. I thought there would be some kind of “exorcism” of sorts with Beloved. Although, you could say there was. She did run away. I thought there’d be a big revelation about the fact that she was pregnant with Paul D’s baby. But […]

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    I was wondering if there was any significance to the red ribbon that Stamp carried around with him. Did he find it in a dead girl’s hair? If he did, I don’t know why he kept it. The ribbon was mentioned several times in this section and I wasn’t sure why. I was also confused […]

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    I think Morrison shifts time to make the point that you can never really escape your past. It’s what made you the person you are today. I also thought maybe she used time in this way to make Sethe seem more sympathetic. The constant jumping from past to present is jarring and confusing. It almost […]

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    From the beginning, I wanted to know why Sethe’s daughter died. The book says that her throat was cut, but they never mentioned why. I also wasn’t sure whether I was misreading the story, but did Serge have sex with the engraver in exchange for engraving Beloved’s headstone?

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    I feel most sympathetic for Zach because he has been given a rotten deal in life and is stuck where he is. I think he has aspirations of becoming a better person and doing more with his life, but his skin color and lack of education keep him from that. I think his brother should’ve […]

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    I don’t trust the narrator of “Lost in the Funhouse” because he’s essentially telling the reader how to create a story and how to make it believable. I trust that those are the tools that many writers may use, but as far as his role in the actual story goes, I don’t trust him. If […]

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    I think that “Girl” has the weakest sense of identity out of all the poems. I wasn’t sure who was speaking in this poem. I figured it was either a mother addressing her daughter, or a daughter talking to herself in the mirror or something. But I think it made more sense going with the […]

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    Wasn’t there a “Holy!” section to this poem? “Holy! Holy! Holy!” I was wondering why that was omitted, if my memory serves me right.

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