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             Beyond just getting credit, I wrote these pieces when I felt like I needed to write something. This is a compulsion that comes over me quite a bit, but It’s normally redirected to into other pursuits […]

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             Welcome to the Repository. This is unlike any other blog you’ve seen because I, Sean Levine, am the sole author and have chosen the blogs name and will henceforth fill it from content emanating from me […]

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    Dear Professor Abeles,

             I hope this letter finds you well, and rest assured I am as I write this. I’ve had a fantastic experience over the past four months in our class and I hope the feeling is shared […]

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    Not a compliment sandwich by any means. Sorry there was a lack of stuff to work with on your end, and that the larger piece doesn’t deliver any finality. I think I’m going to stick to characters/normal writing […]

  • There’s a fascinating ceremony which takes place every day in the small village of Wagah, on the Border of Pakistan and India. Where ,every day, they slam the gates closed at sunset along the Radcliffe line demarcating the exact/historic boundry between the two countries in this rural hamlet, and do so with great pomp. The […]

  • I’d like to see how the familial relations pan out, especially between Saleem/Jamila and Amina/Ahmed. Simply because “Love” is involved at this point, and it seems that the very idea of Love carries with it equal proportions of ecstasy and destruction. There simply cannot be a ladder thrown down in this novel without the consequence […]

  • The proverb/idiom “What can’t be cured must be endured.'” Which appeared on pg 214 really stuck with me as I read. Granted it’s not a relevant plot point, nor does it’s meaning elude me. However I think it speaks to the struggle both India and Saleem/The Midnight children as a whole are subject to. Expressing […]

  • I enjoyed seeing the Tetrapods become the focus of Shivaite prayers because that usage was wholly incompatible with what Narlikar had envisioned for his project. It somewhat harkens back to the idea of snakes and ladders. In the sense that the Tetrapods represent the ideas of progress, and reclamation. Of upward growth, the country ascending […]

  • I think Yunior approached “Project Oscar” with a good will. However the attempt ultimately failed because Oscar himself was really only willing to go so far, serving to prove some truth in the adage “you cannot help those who aren’t willing to help themselves.” Sure, maybe Yunior was a little abrasive in his approach, especially […]

  • I especially enjoyed the rather strange relationship between Roy and Ethel Rosenberg. Granted, they aren’t on par with the major relationships featured in the plays, however it struck me nonetheless. Simply because on the one hand it’s fitting that’d she would essentially haunt him to his last breath, especially with the phantasmagorical aspects…[Read more]

  • I found “Ave Maria” to be the most interesing piece amongst the lot. The fracturing of the piece leaves the reader alot of room to play around with its recitation/meaning. But what really drew me to it as the fact that It raised alot of questions on my end. Mostly concerning how different the processes […]

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    On a positive note the residents of 124 finally seized the opportunity move on with their lives, which I felt one of the few positives in an otherwise harrowing tale. However, I wonder what exactly they’re moving onto? Obviously Denver has matured (evidenced through her branching out for help)and will likely be “ok”, however I […]

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    I felt much more sympathy/empathy for Zach by the time I had finished the play for a few reasons. Foremost, the broader society he is unfortunately a part of denigrates him on the basis of his skin tone. At every turn he is denied and relegated to an inferior status as a result of apartheid […]

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