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    I found the idea of identity relevant to all of these works, however I felt it was explored in an especially interesting way in Kincaid’s “Girl”. This largely stems from the fact that the “girl” alluded to in the title seems to be on the receieving end of a diatrabe from her mother; wherein the […]

  • Cheever’s “The Swimmer” certainly has myriad realistic elements to it (the characters,environment etc), however there’s something irrefutably surrealistic about Neddy’s misadventure when looking at the work as a whole. Part of the reason I’m quick to label it the former stems from how deftly Cheever distorts time and place while on the journey alo…[Read more]

  • The second and third part of Achebe’s work illustrated how fragile the Umuofian society was in the face of adversity. On some level the second and third chapters are an exploration of the inadequacies of their society as experienced through the symbolic plight of Onkonkwo. Through his experience the author is perhaps examining the cultures […]