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  • What has been confusing about this book is mostly the characters. There are many main characters in this book compared to others I have read and it is hard to remember who they are related to or what part they play.

  • I found interesting the end of the Alpha and Omega chapter because we know more than the characters in the book. When Saleem is losing blood and the parents find out that Saleem does not have the same blood type. Amina starts to get worried of what Ahmed may think of her now because of […]

  • I think Yunior’s mission was a positive one even though it backfired on Yunior but that was Oscar’s fault for not wanting to try anymore. Yunior did not have to do this for Oscar he only did it really because of Lola and that idea of the “Dominican man”. I also agree with my classmates […]

  • The pair of characters that I found the most interesting were Joe and Louis. It kind of upset me a little that Louis would leave Prior which is really sick at the hospital. Joe left Harper while she was basically a druggy. At the end they wanted to return to their original partners but it […]

  • Harper and Joe are the characters that got my attention the most. Although all the characters were interesting those two were a strange couple. Joe is sexually confused and he makes it clear he does not want to be with Harper but he still sticks around. I also feel bad for Harper because she was […]

  • The piece I identify with most is “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” because ever since I was a little girl I always liked to use my imagination and take my self somewhere else outside of the “real world”. I can relate with imagining myself being a doctor and trying to save someones life. Even […]

  • I believe the ending to the story could have been better. I would of liked to have known if Sethe was going to be able to live without Beloved since that was the “best thing” that happened to her or was she going to die and leave Paul D and Denver alone. I am happy […]

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    I believe of the two main characters I find to be more sympathetic for Zach. Zach and Morris both lived a life of suffering and struggle but Zach did not even believe in himself. He gave up his pen pal Ethel to his brother Morris because he was black and he felt that his brother […]

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    I had to read the poem twice because it was just so confusing. It is not really the type of poem I would read. The part that was most confusing to me was the I part just because I did not know what he was trying to prove or tell us. The word Moloch also, […]

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